Socio-Economic Aspects

When members joined strength, overcame stigma and joined the Savings and Credit Groups, they have been able to pay for their Health Insurances, School feels for their children, and gained financial stability that provides them with means to pay for their day-to-day needs. Members are able to negotiate loans from financial institutions that have helped them to scale up their initiatives.

OPROMAMER with gratitude of other well-wishers have provided small loans as well to different peer Groups and this economic empowerment has earned respect for peers in their respective families.

Health Care Aspects

OPROMAMER works with Mental Health Professionals and Ndera Neuropsychiatric Hospital Staff to provide health care services to Mental Health Peers. Visits and outreaches are made for each support group.

OPROMAMER also works hand in hand with other locally based organizations to provide a community based reintegration program for Peers in Mental Health. We also engage with the hospital to avail medication for those who can’t afford to travel and medical deliveries are arranged for them.

Legal Aspect

Advocacy is done from local to national levels through both engaging local authorities and other community organs for the rights of people with mental health difficulties and seeking legal assistance for our members. Rights include rights to socio-economic developmental activities by the State, rights to land and property, non discrimination in workplaces, etc. We also educate Peers about their rights and duties towards the community