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Thousands of Mental Health Peers across the Country are struggling to access and afford Mental Health Services and other basic needs. OPROMAMER has established 20 Peer Support Groups in 16 districts over the Country that are engaging in saving projects to support each and help reduce economic constraints. Nonetheless, the magnitude of socio-economic challenges that Peers are facing requires extreme support and yet economic empowerment is fundamental in the mental health recovery for most of the Peers. Please donate towards any of the 20 Peer Support Groups and help OPROMAMER continue extending its services to the rest of the Peers in other Communities.

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After recognizing the misconceptions about mental health followed by the difficulties that Peers in Mental Health face in the Rwandan community, (including but not limited to), rape, early pregnancies, physical abuse, community/family stigma and rejection, poverty among others.

Former patients of psychiatry decided to take action and created a National Association, OPROMAMER has grown since 2012 from individuals’ vision to become a nationwide organisation with twenty independent Peer groups and over 3972 members and still growing. OPROMAMER is working to transform understandings about mental health and to reduce the significant burden of stigma faced by mental health peers in Rwanda as well as empowering them through community initiatives such as saving groups that enable members to access to small loans and pay basic services such as school fees and healthcare insurance. In addition, we do advocacy for peers’ rights through engaging different persons and institutions to mainstream mental health care and reduce discriminatory policies and acts.

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OPROMAMER continues to work for the wellbeing of Mental Health Peers and believes in Partnership and Solidarity to achieve this goal.We are very much grateful for all that have joined our journey of healing.


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If your right is being violated as a result of your Mental Health Condition, reach out to us and we will join you in solidarity to ensure justice is served.